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What is the Holmpton Community Association?

Our village charity is a membership organisation – which means that the members decide who is to manage it (the trustees) and what its policies are.

It has wide ranging powers to:

  • Organise social, recreational and educational events, etc.
  • Promote such other charitable purposes determined by its members and trustees.
  • Set up and manage a Community Centre to help achieve these.

But it must keep to its charity remit, and can only benefit the people of Holmpton.

Membership is open to anyone aged 16 and over, who lives in Holmpton.

Why should you join?

The members decide what the charity does and how its resources are used (so long as it sticks to its remit in the constitution). If you don’t join, you will have no say in those decisions.

The Association’s assets are the Village Hall and the land it sits on, plus money accrued over the years through the hire of the hall and fund-raising activities like car boot sales. Where it can demonstrate a need and community support for projects, it may be able to get grant funding.

Even if you are not interested in deciding what the Association does right now, you may be interested in the future, and it won’t be able to do much (particularly in terms of getting grant funding) if it can’t show that a reasonable proportion of the village is behind it. Joining, even if that’s all you do, would help.

It’s free, does not commit you to anything and there is no risk – even if it all collapses. There is no liability, financial or otherwise on its members.

The only obligation on members is to exercise their powers in good faith in ways most likely to further the purposes of the Association.

Join now

Fill in our online form now. Or, if you prefer, download a copy you can email, pop in the post or deliver by hand.


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