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Volunteers of HM Coastguard at Holmpton in 1935 pose outside the building on School Lane in which were stored the rockets to be fired from the nearby cliffs in the event of a shipwreck. Ropes attached to the rockets could be used to rig up a bosun’s seat to bring the survivors to shore, where the village pub doubled as the Bethel – a place of safety for survivors. Today this building is a private residence known as Rocket House, a nod to its maritime past.

Scroll down to explore more images of Holmpton in years past. They are from the collection amassed by villager Mike Cox, and many have been newly colourised for this website.

Holmpton through the years – brought back to life in colour

Advancements in computer technology have made it possible to view these wonderful old images as the photographer saw them. Cliff Farm has long since been lost to the sea but here we can revisit day-to-day life on the land and inside the elegant Edwardian-styled farmhouse.

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Cliff Farm and other Holmpton landmarks, present and past

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Holmpton from the air

The coastal location of Holmpton has long made it a natural choice for aerial photographers, and these shots show the changing make-up of the village.

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Holmpton's characters

Get in touch if you can supply more information about any of the villagers pictured here.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi. A great local interest web site. Working on a similar item for Burstwick.

    Again. Great effort.

    Alan Somers.

  2. Elm Tree Farm used to be in our family. The tractor and men in the photograph show two German POW’s who worked on the farm towards the end of WW2.

  3. My Grandfather top right in the photo of the Rocket Brigade (Clifford Stanley Hodgson). Grandfather had seen action in WW1 serving with the Royal Navy, and farmed at Elm Tree Farm.

  4. Jann Gilbert emailed us to say: I have just come across your website and I was delighted to see the coastguard photograph, the man third from the left is Albert Bosman and he was my grandfather – unfortunately he died when my mother was 21 and before she had her own family.

    I did know my grandmother Florence who was married to Albert and I know they lived in Holmpton and Albert was a farmhand. They had my mother in 1924 (Joan Bosman) followed by Audrey, Doreen and Barbara. After Albert died my grandmother moved to Eastbourne East Sussex to be a house keeper. My mother moved to Horsham West Sussex to be a Nanny, which is where she married and stayed until she died in 2016.

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